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Friday 11th October

Well what a week we have had but it has been great fun!

In English we have focused on the life of an evacuee and looked at a range of video footage from real life evacuees telling their stories. We learned that some children had very positive experiences when they were evacuated; some, however, did not.


In maths we have been revising multiplication including long multiplication, which can be really challenging, but your children did a great job.


We did something completely different in art this week. As part of our history topic, we looked at caricatures of influential people during world war 2 and then had a go at drawing a caricature of an influential person today.


Anf finally, we were very lucky to have a VIP visitor in class today. We were visited by Mr Gavin Williamson - the Secretary of State for Education - who spent time with us in our class. Your children did a remarkable job of asking him some questions and informing him of what we do in class. What a way to finish our week!


We look forward to seeing you next week at Parent's Evening. Have a good weekend.

Love from 

Mrs Parry & Mrs Melling xx