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Friday 11th October

Hello and welcome back to our Year 1F blog!


Hurray Mrs Woodcock's has returned and she is back in class!


In English we have learnt a new story- The Three Little Pigs. 

The children have tried really hard the learn the model text by following the pictures and using our actions. Mrs Woodcock was very impressed. 



In maths we have moved onto addition. We have introduced a part whole model which helps us to understand addition. 


In science we have thought about materials and the reasons why we have particular materials for certain things. Such as why glass is a good material for a window. 

We also received a letter from Mr.Sherriff where he wrote about creating a new school. He talked about using

fabric from walls

glass for  uniform  and 

wood for windows. 


The children had to discuss if these were good suggestions from Mr. Sherriff and clearly we decided that they are not!!! Silly Mr. Sherriff!


Photographs have been sent home please return them to the front office if you wish to order any. 


Parent's evening times have also been sent out. 


We hope you all have a good weekend, Lots of love from Mrs Woodcock and Mrs Folksman x