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Friday 11th September

Our second week back has been very busy! We have enjoyed our first full week back. We have been doing lots of hard work.



In Maths we have been learning about place value and how to partition numbers. We then used our knowledge of partitioning to add large numbers together. Go on ask us any question and we will solve it!



This week in English we have been writing super sentences. We looked at boring sentences and used adjectives and similes to make them super. We are going to use in our sentences all year to make our writing better!



In P.E this week, we learnt to how to carry and pass a rugby ball. It was lots of fun and very tiring. Can we let all parents know that P.E has been moved to a Friday afternoon due to hall timetable clashes.



Bonjour, je m'appelle 3F. We have learnt how to introduce ourselves in French, also how to count to 10. ALSO we have learnt the names of colours! What a busy lesson we had.



Food. Glorious Food- We have looked at why humans need food and what each food group gives us. We have also discussed what foods are good for us and what foods are bad for us. It made a lot of us hungry.



We started to look at our new topic What A Wonderful World. All of us were intrigued by the seven wonders of the world and can't wait to look deeper into these landmarks!