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Friday 12th December

Oh how busy we have been!


In English we have been reading The Polar Express. The children have looked listening and responding to the text and exploring the meaning of the book. We imagined that we were the boy in the story and wrote a diary to describe what happened as the Polar Express arrived. 


We then used this idea to create our class entry for the Westfield Bake off! 

Throughout the term we have been learning about the great fire of London. We created our own London using boxes as houses and we visited the ALPS and created our own fire!!! Here are some photos while we wait for the video to be created! 

In science we have been learning about materials. 

We investigated which material would keep the boy from the Polar Express dry as he went to the North Pole. Here we are conducting our science investigation. 

The materials we used were nylon, cotton (t-shirt), felt and cotton (towel). 

We discovered that nylon was the best material. 



Party day- Monday so wear party clothes 


Polar Express day- Tuesday- bring pajamas, dressing gowns and slippers in a bag to get changed into.