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Friday 12th January 2018

Welcome back to Year 4 blog.  Another busy, busy week here in class.

In English, we have been writing a newspaper report on the marriage of Mr Owl and Miss Pussy-Cat from the poem we started last week.  It's an amazing story of a couple who have spent too long `tarrying', who sail away for `a year and a day' in a `pea-green boat'.  When they go ashore on `Bong Tree Island' they buy a ring from the Piggy-Wig and are married by the `Turkey who lives on the hill'.   How this story has never made the national newspapers is amazing!  It has everything -adventure -romance (yuk!)!

Anyway, we have focused on writing our newspaper reports.  Take a look at some examples of our work below.  Say, can you spot some of the features of newspaper reports?  For example, can you find -the headline?  a picture with a caption?  a quote? a who/what/where/when/why paragraph?  Take a look.



In Maths, we have been looking at the `bus stop method' for division.  Although to begin with this method looks a little tricky, once you've had a little practice -it's great!  And, we're great at using it!

Take a look at this explanation.

Now, why not try this online example on the bbc website.Here


This week we finished our class reader `The Secret of Platform 13 by Eva Ibbotson.  We have got to say -`Wow, what a book!'.  The book starts slowly, and builds up but the ending is amazing.  We have decided that Eva Ibbotson is such a great writer -she had us laughing, angry at the characters, and at on point, close to tears of sadness.  Amazing -what a book.