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Friday 12th January

Hello again!


This week in English we have researched the extraordinary career of Jacqueline Wilson, the author of our new class novel, Hetty Feather. It's unbelievable to think she has written over 100 books. Following our research we wrote her biography with a focus on using cohesive devices at the beginning and within paragraphs to help the writing be well connected and to flow. These include using adverbials of time such as "Some time later..." or "After leaving school....."


In maths we have been calculating percentages and solving problems involving percentages. There has been some excellent focus this week as we have used strategies to reason with problems such as: JD Sports have reduced trainers by 25% and they are now £45. What was their original price? Challenging stuff indeed!


In topic we have completed capitals by answering what makes a capital city a capital? We quickly followed this up with some map work that established that during Victorian times, many countries were ruled by Britain with Queen Victoria as their Empress. Do you know any of the countries that formed the British Empire? We have lots of exciting finding out to do in the forthcoming weeks.


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