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Friday 12th July

Welcome to this week's blog from 5W. It has been a busy week. and we can't quite believe that the year is nearly over!




This week we have been looking at angles. We have identified the type of angle, estimated the size of an angle and then measured angles using a protractor. This website will let you explore angles in more detail... 




In English, we have been thinking about bubbles! We began the week by going outside and watching bubbles. We thought about their movement, size, shape and colour and then generated a wordbank of vocabukary to help us. Next, we used our wordbank to write a short descriptive paragraph about the journey of a bubble.




Do you know how many states there are in the USA? Can you name them all? Can you place them in the correct position on a map of the USA? That is what the children have been learning about this week in Topic. Have a look at this interactive map which will tell you a little about each of the states...

Our certificate winner this week is Brandon for being an outstanding sportsman during our rounders game and enabling a member of our class to get their first ever rounder! What a gentleman! yes


Finally, all that remains to be said is to have a great weekend and we will see you again on Monday for our last week in school!