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Friday 12th October

Friday 12th October


Welcome to this week’s blog from Year 5F. It has been yet another busy week here in Year 5!


Our trip to Martin Mere was just AMAZING! The children had the most fabulous time. They began the morning with a walk around the nature trails feeding the ducks, geese, flamingos and swans. Before lunch, they took part in a pond dipping activity. They discovered a wide variety of creatures that live below the water. After lunch, the children spent some time on the adventure playground. Finally, the children were able to design and make either their own badge, mirror, key ring or fridge magnet to take home. Here are some photographs from the day…

Maths – The children have been investigating column addition and subtraction. Take a look at this game which will help you to practise your addition and subtraction skills...

English – This week, the children have planned and drafted their very own information guide (a non-chronological report) to Martin Mere. They decided on a title, then wrote a short introduction followed by paragraphs about different parts of the wetlands. They went on to add ‘Did you know?’ sections, with further interesting facts. . Finally, they thought about adding pictures and colour to make them appealing. Next week, they will write their final draft and make a leaflet all about Martin Mere.


Science – This week the children have begun an investigation about what plants need to grow. They have planned a fair test and planted seeds. Each group has changed the seed’s conditions; one group has no water; one group has no soil; one group has no light; one group has no warmth and one group has given their seeds all of these. The children will monitor the development of the plants over the next few days.


Here is our certificate winner this week. He won for his superb shop keeping skills when helping Heather make badges during our trip to Martin Mere. Well done from all of us! nonono

Thank you for all the Parent's Evening reply slips. Here are the appointments for next week...


            Tuesday 16th October                         Thursday 18th October

3.30     Nicholas                                               Lewis

3.40     Tia                                                       Bobby Joe

3.50     Jessica K                                             Amelia

4.00     Leon                                                    Mollie

4.10      Rhys (mum)                                        Rhys (dad)

4.20     Neve                                                    Kinsley

4.30     Megan                                                 

4.40     Tianna                                                 Sara Jane

4.50     Elle                                                       Olivia

5.00     Jessika J                                             Bailey

5.10      Elisha                                                   Katy

5.20     George                                                 Mitchell

5.30     Evie Leigh                                           Laycie

5.40     Ella                                                      Jack

5.50     Charlie                                                 Cody


We look forward to meeting you all and letting you know how your child is settling into Year 5.


All that remains to say is have a great weekend and we will see you all again on Monday.