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Friday 13th December

Friday 13th December 2019


Welcome to this week’s blog. It has, as always, been a busy week in year 5F.  


Take care as it’s Friday the 13th! No walking under ladders or crossing the path of a black cat today! If you want to find out more about why Friday 13th is supposed to be unlucky click on the link below…

On Wednesday morning, we were invited to Dean Trust to watch their production of Peter Pan. We all thought it was fabulous. It was funny, sad and action-packed from start to finish. We especially loved Tinkerbell and the other fairies’ costumes – which lit up! A huge thank you to all the children and staff from Dean Trust for the kind invitation.


Maths – This week the children have sat their end of term assessment tests. As well as this, they have recapped short multiplication (from Year 4) and moved onto investigating long multiplication.


This website allows you to practise long multiplication further at home…

English – This week the children have been looking at the difference between direct and indirect (reported) speech. Direct speech needs to be written using inverted commas (speech marks) and quotes the actual words said by the speaker. In indirect (or reported) speech there are no inverted commas and the words are been told by another person, so often change slightly to make sense.


Look at this example of how to write direct and indirect (or reported) speech…In a direct speech sentence, we would write Iggy the alien’s spoken words like this:


“I bid you farewell Earthlings!” shouted Iggy from his spaceship.


Whereas, if we were writing an indirect speech sentence, we would write Iggy’s spoken words like this:


From his spaceship, Iggy bid farewell to the Earthlings.


Science – The children have completed a ‘science short’ about the human life cycle where they had to label the different stages in human life and answer questions about it.


Topic – The children read a diary extract written by a Viking called Guthrum. They annotated the text, writing the meaning of words they have not read before. Then, they completed a reading comprehension based on what they had read. Also, they have learned about the death of King Ethelred and how his brother Alfred became king as Ethelred’s children were too young. King Alfred went to war with the Vikings only a month after becoming king. Sadly, he was defeated and decided to make a deal with the Vikings to pay them for peace. He paid them money, known as Danegeld for the next five years.



Here is our certificate winner for the week. She won for showing a real enthusiasm for reading over the last few weeks, it’s been fantastic to see her reading with a huge smile on her face. Congratulations from everyone in Year 5.

All that remains to say is have a fabulous weekend and we will see you again on Monday. The Christmas Countdown now stands at 12 days till Father Christmas magics himself down the chimney!