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Friday 13th December

Hello again,


Y6F are currently working hard on drafting a magical Christmas fairytale entitled "Sproutboy." because, as you know - everyone loves a sprout!

Below are some sentences from the children's work that shows off their excellent vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure.


The magical city was exciting: the building rose high like a skyscraper. (Leon)


The centre was alive: trains flew across the tracks like lions on a race wanting to get home for Christmas day. [Olivia]


Sprout boy (who was about to go on a marvelous quest) came remarkably alive. (Ella)


He slammed the window shut and the cruel Gingerbread Men glared spitefully at Jeff. (Rhys)


Colourful, vibrant, lively- It was full of cuddly, fluffy teddies! (Elle)


Anxious, Sproutboy hoped he could find a Christmas companion. (Neve)


On top of the crisp snow that covered the hill like a blanket, Sammy could see the wide, beautiful city beneath him. (Casey)


Beneath the sunset, the little, green vegetable galloped over the blanketed meadow. (Laycie)


Every building scraped the sky and the Christmas spirit had definitely spread. (Bobby)


Soon after, he found a colourful city with tall, gray buildings. (Tia)


Hope you liked them!