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Friday 13th January 2017

Hello and welcome back to Year 4F's blog.  We hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.  The children have come back to school after their break raring to go, and have had an excellent week this week.  Our certificate winner this week (though it was a really difficult choice) was James -who raises excellent questions, discussion point and informative answers in all lessons ( a real asset to Year 4).

In English this week we have been looking at the features of newspapers.  Do you know what the headline is?  The lead sentence?  Could you find a quote?  We couldn't...but now we can.  Later in the week, we looked at a nonsense poem written by Edward Lear called The Owl and The Pussy Cat.  Wow, what a great poem.  A nonsense poem is a poem, usually written for children, that is funny, light-hearted or has imaginative characters.  Next week, we will write all about the adventures of Owl and Pussy Cat in a newspaper report.  Check out the animation below for the poem.


The Owl and the Pussy Cat.mp4

Still image for this video

In Maths, we started our work on fractions.  We found our own equivalent fractions -which really is easy.  Here's the rule -what ever you do to the top number, you also do to the bottom number.  For example, to find an equivalent fraction for 1/2 (half), the top number (numerator) has been mulitiplied by 3, so we multiply the bottom number (denominator) by 3 too -this give 6.  See...

x 3

1   =  3

2       6

x 3

Can you find the missing numbers in these equivalent fractions?

3 = 6          4 = 12

4    ?          5    ?


In Science, we started our new topic -Teeth and Digestion.  On Friday, we took a slice of apple.  (Mr P cut them into half, then half again and then half again...what fraction did he give us?  Well, we worked it out to be 1/8 (eighth))

Then, we bit into it and looked at the imprint that it left.  We could see the different teeth that we have and also the shape of our smile -cool eh?

We also have a little puzzle below for you.  Take a look.


Thanks for dropping in, we'll post again next week -take care.