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Friday 13th March

Hello again,

This week, we have turned our attention to writing fiction, in particular fairy tale/fantasy writing. Before Sunrise is the tale of a lonely shadow who does not fit in with others of his kind as all they want to do is cause chaos and mischief. What will become of him?


I hope you enjoy these quality extracts:


In the glimpse of an eye, Midnight spotted an engaging light; he eagerly ran to it. (Laycie)


Journey to a peaceful village, where people slumbered in the dark, silent, night, where the streets were empty, where the slightest noise could be heard: this was the wonderful village of PeaceVille. (Jessika J)


However in the dark and mysterious corners of the village, there lived the despicable, diabolical, horrid, malicious shadows (they were the monsters and the criminals of the town).   (Ella L)


Wonder about a silent, sleepy village, that had dark corners, that had tiny children tucked up in bed, that had a huge tower in the middle: this was the beautiful town of Feathersville. (Neve)


A little while later, he saw a blazing, illuminated light that caught his eyes. (Tia) 


Imagine a large village, where people lay dead to the earth in their dreams, where tall buildings stood tall, where little children slept : Roseville was a wonderful, peaceful place 



Cruel, idiotic, grim-do not visit this town!...(Olivia)

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