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Friday 13th May

Another really busy week here in Year 4F.  Each day in English, we have been doing a 10 Minute Writing Challenge.  To begin with we were a bit dubious when Mr Price told us that we would enjoy it.  Once we'd done one or two, we had to agree (albeit reluctantly) that it really is good fun.  We either choose a random slide from a PowerPoint, or select one by number.  On each slide there is a picture to inspire our writing.  We write for 10 minutes aiming to get a really good quality paragraph.  We enjoyed it that much that Stuart actually asked could we have a go at home.  So Mr Moore very kindly converted the PowerPoint to a video for us.  Check it out below.


Still image for this video
In Maths, Mr Price showed us how to make an angle finder.  This really helped us understand, and show our understanding of acute, obtuse and right angles.  Take a look...
In Science, we made our own branching key based on vertebrates.  We had lots of fun checking how well they worked.  It was like playing a `yes/no' game.