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Friday 13th November

Welcome back to week 2!


What another busy week we have had...


A big well done to our star readers Braydon, Scarlett, KJ, Teigan Michael and Reece who have read every night this week. Look out for your super hero in our window this week. Keep it up!


Also Well Done to this weeks Star Pupil Reece, who has worked super hard this week and is ALWAYS ready to learn, he really is a Year 3 model pupil.



This week we have carried on with our multiplication method and have been using the grid method to help multiply two digit numbers by a one digit number. Some of use moved on to two digit AND 3 digit numbers!



We have started our new focus book this week. It is called 'The Stone Age Boy'. We read the boom and focussed on the difference between the stone age and today. We then spoke about the little boys surroundings and we wrote our own story openers. There was some very interesting adjectives used to describe the cave.



This week we looked at how movies are edited and looked at actors using green screen to create realistic images. We were split into groups and decided on a focus for our very own movie using the green screen. In the next few weeks we will create our own movies by writing the scripts, filming and editing. We will then have the grand premier in school.



Rocks Rocks Rocks. We have been looking at rocks and grouping them by looking at their colours and shapes, feeling their weight and texture and thinking about their uses.



We had our second lesson with Wigan Warriors, they taught us how to catch the ball correctly. They were very impressed, I think a few of us will be playing at the DW or even better Langtree Park in no time!



This week a theatre company came in and performed their rendition of Aladdin. It was very interesting, we had a sing along and lots of laughs, Mr Fletcher even got up dancing!


Please come back next week to find out more about our week in school.


All of 3F