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Friday 13th October

Hello and welcome back to the Yr5W Blog.



This week was all about addition and subtraction. We revisited the method of setting the calculations in columns. The tricky part is when you have to cross the tens barrier and carry (in addition) or exchange/borrow from the column next door (in subtraction).



We started the week looking at homophones. Homophones are words that sound alike but are spelt differently and have different meanings. E.g. great and grate, knight and night, wood and would.

Moving on from this, we looked at ‘ate’ ‘ise’ and ‘ify’ words; changing nouns or adjectives to verbs using suffixes.

E.g. author becomes authorise, captive becomes captivate and pure becomes purify.


The life cycle of a flowering plant was our job this week. We wrote a description of each stage from germination to seed dispersal. We also filled in some missing words in a poem about a plant life cycle and re-wrote the poem, practising our handwriting.


Topic this week was all things wetlands: and boy did we get wet on our Martin Mere trip. However, it didn’t stop us enjoying ourselves. We fed lots of ducks, geese, moorhens and coots, as well as watching the otters being fed. Pond dipping was another activity we did, finding the different mini-beasts that live in the microclimate.

Take a look at our photographs.

Pupil of the Week is

Simonas Impalis for settling in seamlessly to Y5W! He’s a wonderful, sensible addition to the class.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you again on Monday for the last week of the half term.