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Friday 13th October 2017

Hello, and welcome back to our class blog.  The highlight of our week...well, you've got to be able to guess, right?   Where were you at 9.15 am on Wednesday morning?  Well, let's just say that if you wasn't here at Westfield watching our -`Harvest (slash) -Autumn (slash) -Production (slash) -Assembly (slash) -Performance (slash), then, you missed a real treat.  Here -take a look at some pictures.
We have to say, thank you to our children for such a wonderful performance -with just a little time (just one week) they did a fantastic job.  Thank you to all the parents and grandparents that managed to come along -your support was really appreciated.
In English, we have been looking at speech marks again.  There is a lot to remember, you know?  We gave it our best shot, and some of us are so close to already showing that we can use them independently.  Our challenge was this.  What might the conversation be in this picture?
Thank you for dropping in, hope to see you next week.