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Friday 14th December

Hello and welcome to the 5W’s blog.


We carried on looking at multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000 venturing into the world of decimals.



We began to look at character descriptions. This is where you paint a picture with words; describing how they look, feel and what type of person they are. The Imagine 3 sentence is a particularly good sentence to use to describe how something looks, acts, and sounds. We had lots of visual stimulus from extracts of How to train your dragon to inspire us to write a character description of a Deadly Nadder dragon. We thought of multiple words and up levelled them using thesauruses.



In science we looked at the stages of pregnancy from the foetus stage to being born. Miss Power played us an audio-visual presentation and we had to make notes about the different developmental stages. These are called the trimesters and there are 3 in a normal pregnancy.

Pupil of the week…… Is Henley for showing great sportsmanship in P.E; A super team player and winning goal scorer.


Well it’s here; next week is our final one before Christmas. We’ve all worked our socks off, teachers included, so deserve a Happy, Joyous, Peaceful break. However, before that don’t forget we’ve got more work to do Oh! and our Christmas party on Thursday 20th. It’s getting very exciting!!!