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Friday 14th December 2018

Well, today's the day!  Yes, our Beatle trip has arrived and we're sooooo excited.  Hopefully we'll add some pictures later to show what a great time was had by all.  Check in later.

This week in English we have been looking at villains.  In particular, Scar from Lion King.  In this scene Simba is caught up in a stampede of wildebeest.  Zazu, Musafa's trusted adviser, has told him that Simba is in danger.  Musafa, and his brother Scar, set off to rescue him.

THE LION KING (1994) Scene: "Long live the King"/Mufasa's Death.

Boo-boo! Hiss-hiss!  What a terrible brother Scar turns out to be.  We wrote a narrative of the scene.  We thought about paragraphs, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials.  And, the results were pretty good -even if we say so ourselves.surprise

In Maths, we have been -doubling and halving and calculating the perimeter of shapes.  Doubling and halving is fun.  Why not try this fun archery game here.


Perimeters...well, the perimeter is the outside line of a geometric shape.  By adding the measurements together you get the perimeter.  Why not try out this perimeter explorer here to build and calculate your own shapes.