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Friday 14th February 2020

Welcome back to the Year 4 blog!  Wow, we've soon got to February half term haven't we?  Where have the weeks gone since Christmas?  Well, we know actually.  They're in the past.  Which is a bit like the weeks in the future, but they've already happened.  Or, like the weeks of the present...only they're not in a big gift-wrapped box.

Anyway, enough chat -on to more important things.  What have we been up to? we hear you ask.  Well...

This week in English, we have been writing about polar bears.  They are amazing creatures.  We'll share some facts shortly, but first what we did.  We collected information and made notes.  We had a look at ways that we could connect our sentences.  Then we arranged our notes by topic -habitat, appearance and so on.  Then finally, we wrote our own information text on polar bears.  We'll show you some of our work shortly.  But first, some interesting facts that we have learnt.

1) Polar bears are the largest land carnivore in the world

2) A polar bears sense of smell is 1000 greater than a human's.

3) They can smell a seal over 16km away (that's 10 miles).

4) Their main food source are seals.

5) Their fur isn't white, it's actually hollow tubes.  This helps to trap air and helps insulate their body.

6) Beneath their fur they have black skin.


Amazing facts eh?


Take a look at our writing.

We have found a super website to help with our time tables -check it out here.

Later in the year all the Year 4 classes in the country will have to do a times table test set by the government.  There will be 25 questions with 6 seconds for each question.  This website has a test that is similar.  Check it out!


Bye for now -have a great half term break.