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Friday 14th July

Friday 14th July


Welcome to this week’s blog from Year 5F. This week has been our transition days and the class have been up to meet their new teachers Mrs Parry and Mrs Melling. They really impressed them both with their super attitudes and hard work on Wednesday and Thursday morning.


Maths – This week the children have been revising addition and subtraction using the column method as well as using either the grid method or long multiplication to multiply a 2-digit number by another 2-digit number.


Take a quick look at this website which gives you the opportunity to practise column addition and subtraction…

English – The children have been investigating the features of newspapers. They began the week by looking through actual newspapers. They cut them up and stuck the different features they found in their books and then wrote to explain their purpose. After that, the children began researching on laptops about The Pilgrims journey to America. They will be using their research to write their own newspaper report next week about The Pilgrims sailing to New England on The Mayflower.


Topic – The children have been investigating the different climates across the continent of North America. They compared how much rainfall there is annually in Bridgetown (Barbados), Winnipeg (Canada) and Las Vegas (USA) as well as how many hours of sunshine every day. They also looked at the average temperature each month and how it changes over the year.


Science – The children have completed their end of topic assessment showing off what they can remember learning. They have been thinking about materials and their properties. For example, why is a window made from glass and not rubber or bricks? They went on to think about why copper wire is used for electricity to travel through and why there is a plastic coating around all electrical cables.

Here are our CERTIFICATE WINNERS for this week. They won for their tremendous efforts on the football pitch on Tuesday. They put their all into working as a team and made Westfield exceptionally proud. A HUGE congratulations to them from all of Y5F.


It was our special end of year Celebrations Assembly this week. So a BIG well done to our GOLD CARD WINNERS who were the children that have collected the most well done stickers, well done tokens and gold cards throughout the year. nonono In addition, a HUGE well done to the children who have achieved 100% ATTENDANCE for the WHOLE school year. Again, we are all very impressed! smileysmileysmiley The 100% Attendance children had their names placed into the draw for a bike. Well done to the winners from Year 5W and Year 4F who will be going to choose their bikes next week with Mrs Pennington.

We would be really appreciative if you could please send in to school your child's home reading book before the summer holidays. Also, if possible, could you please send a bag into school so that your child can bring empty their tray and bring home any belongings. Thank you.


Finally, we hope you have a great weekend and will see you again on Monday.