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Friday 14th October 2016

Friday 14th October 2016


Hello and once again, welcome to the 4F blog, with yet another busy week here in Year Four.

In English, we have been looking at prepositions.  Prepositions are words that tell where, when or the direction of something in relation to something else. So –


I hung my coat behind the door. (place)


In the evenings, I like to relax. (time)


You shouldn’t go into the castle. (direction)


These are a great way of making our sentences better.   Later in the week, we used prepositions to help write poetry.  We wrote `Prepositional Poems’ all about where we might go in our dreams.  They’re really simple to compose.  Take a look…



In my dreams I wander,

Along the winding path,

Beneath the outstretched arms of trees,

Over the rickety bridge.


The words in red are the prepositions, the words in blue are our noun phrase which we have been looking at.

One of our favourite activities was `Where’s Wally’.  This helped us with our noun phrases and prepositions.  Give it a go.

It's a man. (Guess it?)


It's a white t-shirted man. (Guess it?)


It's a white t-shirted man with a sailors hat stood in the top of a submarine. (Guess it?)







In Maths we have been looking at column subtraction.  Initially, we worked on subtraction that did not involve `decomposition’.  Decomposition is when we need to `steal’ from the next column so that we have enough to subtract a number.  These were easy because you will only ever need to take a number away from 9 at the very most.  Take a look -

We had a great time on Tuesday with Y2W looking at the books available at the Book Fair that has visited our school this week.  The best way to show you this is through pictures.

At the most, we take 4 from 9, 2 from 9 and 7 from 9... Easy!

When last week we were looking at addition, and Mr Price showed us how to use a highlighter pen to find the tricky part, this proved really useful this week.

When we looked at subtraction with decomposition, we highlighted when we needed to focus and take real care with the problem.  Take a look.

We have also started work on our Autumn Assembly.  We’re sure that you are going to love it and hope that you’ll be able to join us on Wednesday 19th October at 9.15.

We’ll report in again next week -bye for now and take care.