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Friday 14th September 2018

Hello, and welcome to Year 4's blog for 2018-19.  We have an action packed year ahead of us, and we hope you'll pop in each week to see what exciting things we've been up to -you know, you're always welcome here.

The new Year 4 children have settled into their new classes brilliantly, and have already begun to impress their teachers.

In English this week we have been using our class reader (the one that the children were given before summer to read) to do some writing.  The book Toto The Ninja Cat and the Great Snake Escape -by Dermot O'Leary -is great.  


The story is about a ninja cat called Toto, and her brother Silver (both real cats of Dermot O'Leary).  They set off one night to capture a king cobra called Brian who has escaped from London Zoo.  They are helped by a rat called Catface.  In the book, the cats use the Animal Tube, which apparently has strict rules to stop the animals from fighting.  We imagine what these rules might be.  Take a look at our work.

In Maths, we have been looking at Place Value.  We have been (amongst other things, ordering numbers).  First you need to look at the thousands, then the hundreds then the tens, and lastly the ones.

Why not try this activity here.

See you all next week.