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Friday 15th April

Welcome back to 5W's blog and the first of the Summer term. 



In maths we have continued our work in fractions! It is safe to say the children know everything there is to know about fractions! We have been converting mixed numbers into improper fractions and vice versa. The children then moved onto multiplying improper fractions and mixed numbers by whole numbers! As if that wasn't amazing enough, the class moved onto fraction word problems. Using the RUCSAC method to help them answer 1 step and 2 step word problems! REALLY tricky work in maths this week.

Have a play on this website at all the games related to fractions.



The children started the week by writing a recount of all the things that they did over the Easter Holidays, sounded like a lot of the children enjoyed eating HUGE amounts of Easter Eggs and feeling very full up afterwards! We then moved onto looking at travel guides/leaflets as the children were set the challenge of producing their own travel guide to the Lake District. We looked at Liverpool's travel guides as examples and how guides are set out in order to give the reader lots of information. The class then used the laptops and information booklets about the Lake District to research this area and organised their ideas under suitable subheadings. Towards the end of the week the children have produced some wonderful guides to the Lake District! 



We have continued our to look at our topic of Forces this week. The children have been introduced to air resistance and that any moving objects feels air resistance. The class came up with some excellent examples of when they have felt air resistance, such as opening an umbrella, riding a bike, playing on swings and even putting your head out of the car when its moving! We watched a video that showed how air resistance works when someone is parachuting! When the parachute opens up it slows down the person as air resistance and gravity are working against one another. We will continue with our experiments next week on air resistance and see how it works within the classroom.


A big well done to our certificate winners, Ellie J and Ellie F. Ellie J for being a fraction super star! Working extremely hard in maths to complete tricky fraction work. Ellie F for being a sporting queen, not only in P.E but at netball club, sharing knowledge and helping others. Well done girls! 


This week Hedwigs readers were Jakub and Tianna, fantastic effort you two, reading every night at home! Come on 5W we need lots of names up on our board next week, so lots and lots of reading at home! 


Hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you on Monday morning!