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Friday 15th April

Friday 15th April 2016


Welcome back to Year 5F’s first blog of the summer term.


Maths – We have continued to look at fractions. This week the children have been converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to improper fractions. They quickly realised how important having quick recall of multiplication and division facts are to complete this work. After that, the children moved on to adding fractions but not just any old fractions. They had to add mixed numbers, fractions with different denominators and improper fractions and if the answer needed simplifying they had to do that as well! As if that isn’t amazing enough, after that, they moved on to multiplying fractions as well! We think that they are just amazing!


Take a look at this online game and have some fun with fractions…

English – The children have been challenged to produce a travel guide to the Lake District. They have used the class tablets to research some interesting facts that they might like to include. Also, they looked at a travel guide for Liverpool. They looked for all the different features that they could find, cut them out, placed them onto a new sheet and annotated them. Using this to help them, the children have produced some STUNNING travel guides all about the Lake District.

Science – We have continued to look at our Forces topic. The children have been investigating air resistance. They went outside to feel air resistance at work. Whilst outside in groups, firstly, the children ran across the playground. Next, they ran holding a large piece of paper behind their heads and discovered that this slowed them down. Also, they looked at how the larger the surface area the more air resistance there will be.


Our certificate winner this week was Stephanie for persevering this week in order to achieve two personal targets AND for mastering a fiendish fraction challenge in Maths. A big well done to Stephanie from us all. smileysmileysmiley

A HUGE well done to Christopher H for achieving his GOLD wristband this week. Also, a MASSIVE well done to Stephanie on completing her PLATINUM wristband. Both these wristbands are extremely challenging and require an expert knowledge of your multiplication and division facts.

It will be our re-scheduled PARENT’S EVENING on Tuesday and Thursday next week. On both of these days, appointments are available from 3.30pm till 6pm. Thank you for all the returned slips. Appointments have been sent out this afternoon and we look forward to meeting you to discuss your child’s progress.


All that remains to say is to have a great weekend and we will see you again on Monday.