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Friday 15th February

Hello and welcome to the last 5W blog this half term.


This week was all about consolidation. We revisited short and long multiplication with remainders represented as fractions and decimals. This included word problems too. For example:-

Lucy collected 110 eggs from her chickens. 6 eggs fit in one box. How many boxes does Lucy need to put her eggs in?

110 divided by 6 is 18 r2 so she will need 19 boxes (18will be full), one will have 2 eggs in.


This week we carried on with another strand of talking for writing. We concentrated on cohesion; the part that helps ‘glue’ the ideas in our writing together so it flows from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph. We then moved on to planning our own version altering only certain details like characters names, settings and the type of dilemma.



In science this week, we looked at the Geocentric and the Heliocentric theories.

Many, many years ago it was believed that the Earth was the most important planet in the solar system and as such, it was at the centre of the Universe with all the other planets, stars and sun orbiting it. (geocentric theory).

However in the early 15th Century, a Polish astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus put forward the theory that it was actually the Sun that was at the centre of the Universe with all the planets, stars, moon and Earth orbiting it. This theory (heliocentric) was backed up by Galileo Galilei, an Italian astronomer, who is also known for his work improving the telescope and as such revolutionising astronomy.


HH kids

This week we also had a visit from Joanne from HH kids. This is part of PHSE lessons. The session was about our personal space, good and bad secrets and wanted and unwanted touches.



Pupil of the week…. Logan for beginning to take on board advice, resulting in a more focused, sensible attitude! Keep it up Logan!

Mrs Dougherty, who was choosing the Upper Phase winner was so impressed she chose Logan as the trophy winner.


Watch this space for more info on our Space Buggies!