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Friday 15th February 2019

This week's star of the week was awarded to Robert for his 'I can' attitude towards his learning and his belief in himself.


In Maths this week, we have been learning about our number bonds.  We have learnt our number bonds to 10 and 20.  Please practise these with us at home:

0+10=10                                    10+10=20

1+ 9 = 10                                   11+9=20

2+8=10                                      12+8=20

3+7=10                                      13+7=20

4+6=10                                      14+6=20

5+5=10                                      15+5=20

6+4=10                                      16+4=20

7+3=10                                      17+3=20

8+2=10                                      18+2=20

9+1=10                                      19+1=20

10+0=10                                    20+0=20


In English, we have been reading the story 'Oi Frog.' In the story animals can only sit on things that rhyme with their name, for example: Dogs sit on logs, Cats sit on mats.  The children have worked on finding words that rhyme as well as coming up with their own animal and what it might sit on.  We wrote our own poems.


In Science, we have been designing a spacesuit.  We have thought about all of the experiments that we have done over the past few weeks and applied our knowledge to our design.


In topic, we have done a quiz to see how much we have remembered about space travel.


I wish you all a lovely half term holiday.  Please continue to read daily with your child and practise their spellings for a test when we come back.

Miss Lodge, Mrs Golding and Mrs Mason

*** All pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 inclusive are expected to return to school on Wednesday 2nd September. We look forward to seeing you. ***