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Friday 15th January

Friday 15th January


Welcome back to Year 5F’s blog for this week.


Maths – This week we began by working on short and long multiplication as well as division using partial tables and the chunking method. Then, we started to investigate the perimeter and area of shapes. Did you know that the perimeter of a shape is all the way around the outside? To find the perimeter you add the length and the width together and then double the answer. The area of a shape is the space inside. To work out the area of a shape you need to multiply the length by the width.


Click on the link below to take a tutorial and then have a go at both finding the perimeter and area of a shape at home...

English – As we are sure you know, on 15th December last year, Tim Peake was launched into space to complete a six month mission on board the International Space Station. This week, we have been researching his life and using what we have learned to write a biography all about him. Interestingly, we found out that he was born in Chichester on 7th April 1972. He spent 17 years in the army before joining the ESA (European Space Agency). He is married to Rebecca and they have two sons called Oliver and Thomas. These are just some of the amazing facts that we found out about the extraordinary man!


Topic – This week the children have been researching the different planets in our Solar System so that they can produce their own book all about the celestial bodies that can be found in space.


Science – The children have investigated the orbit of earth around the sun. This takes 365 and a quarter days (or one year). As well that, they found out that it takes the moon 28 days to orbit around the earth. Also, they have discovered that Earth rotates (or spins) on its own axis once every 24 hours (one day).

After that, the children went on to learn why the moon doesn’t always look the same shape when it’s in the sky. Watch this short clip which should help to explain why…


Our certificate this week was awarded to Kyle for his tenacity when tackling a tricky maths challenge. Well done to Kyle smileysmileysmiley as this problem is even driving the teachers round the bend trying to find the solution!

All that remains to say is to have a great weekend (wrap up warm) and we will see you on Monday.