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Friday 15th June

Hello and welcome back to year 5W blog.


Percentages were the name of the game this week. We looked at how they link with fractions and decimals. 100% = 10/10 or 6/6 (or any fraction that equals 1) = 1

50% = 50/100 or 5/10 or 1/2 = 0.5

25% = 25/100 or 5/20 or 1/4 = 0.25

75% = 75/100 or 15/20 or 3/4 = 0.75

10% = 10/100 or 2/20 1/10 = 0.1

1% = 1/100 = 0.01

We followed this by working out percentage bubbles. This is where you are given a number, say 120, which represents 100%. We had to find 50%, by halving, 25% by halving again. Then 75%, 10%, 5%, 15%, !% and 20% The answers being 60, 30, 90, 12, 6, 18, 1.2 and 24.


Our English started with some SPAG activities; namely, more work on relative clauses. Following that, we discussed, planned and wrote our own story on the theme of Bill’s New Frock.


This week we looked at the force of friction. Friction is the resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another. Our job was to read some statements and decide if they were true or false.


This week we looked at the differences and the similarities between Britain and Greece. Cutting and sorting some pictures was our task before writing some information on the two countries. Did you know that Greece’s major exports include olives, olive oil, honey and wine? We also looked at what it was like in Ancient Greek Times; the type of houses, the food they grew and ate etc.



A very Happy Birthday to David, who celebrated his birthday this week; hope you had a fun time!

Pupil of the week is Callum Tarbuck for simply never giving up and helping 5W on their quest (to win Mrs Baker’s challenge)


May we wish all you Dads, Granddads, Uncles, Brothers etc a very Happy Fathers Day. We hope you enjoy yourselves and maybe get a little spoilt!


Enjoy your weekend!