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Friday 15th November

Friday 15th November 2019


Welcome to our blog for this week. It has, as always, been another busy week here in Year 5F.


Maths – This week the children have been interpreting data. They have investigated line graphs and learned how to answer questions about the information they are showing. They have also created their own line graphs to show information they have been given. This website allows you to explore line graphs a little further…

English – This week the children have memorised the story of The Canal (real life in a dangerous setting story) and performed it together in class. They have ‘imitated’ the story and written a similar version of their own, that takes place in an old, abandoned house. Then, they ‘boxed up’ the original text (to follow the structure) and began to plan writing their own real life in a dangerous setting story.


Science – The children have been investigating the gestation period for different animals and comparing them. They then ordered them from shortest time to longest time and placed them in order onto a line.


Topic – The children have created a chronological timeline of historical events they have already learned about in their history journey in Westfield so far. They then placed when the Vikings were in Britain onto their timeline.


Here is our certificate winner for the week. She won for simply being herself!! A delight to have in class and when working with other members of staff in school. Congratulations from everyone in Year 5. smileysmileysmiley

Congratulations also to our amazing GOLD TIMES TABLE WRISTBAND winners this week, Anureet, Gabriel, Maisey and Mia! What a super stars! yesyesyesyes


All that remains to say is have a fabulous weekend and we will see you again on Monday.