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Friday 16th December 2016

Busy, busy, busy! It's all go here in Year Four.  In fact, it is 'so all go', that another week has 'upped and gone!'😬

In English, we have been working on paragraphs in our writing.  We have been looking at different times in the careers of The Beatles and developing these into cohesive paragraphs.  So for example, we knew that John Lennon formed the band in 1956 and that Paul McCartney joined in 1957. We know that the name of their first band was The Quarrymen, named after Quarry Bank School in Liverpool where John had attended.  We used shared writing to develop our opening paragraph, which went like this.

In 1956, John Lennon formed his first band The Quarrymen, named after the school he attended (Quarry Bank School in Liverpool). By 1957, Paul McCartney had joined the band.  John had been impressed by the fact that Paul knew the lyrics to songs and could tune a guitar.



We have been working at little sections of the story of The Beatles, and next week we will put these sections together into one complete piece of writing.  Stay tuned as we will post some examples.


In Maths, we have been looking at area and perimeter.  Perimeter is the outside line of a shape, and the area is the inside space.  The Year Four objective for this is to be able to calculate area by counting squares. Well, that's so easy... take a look.  Count the squares that make up each shape, then say "centimetre squared" after it ( if the squares are cm squares of course). Check it out...

There are 6 squares, therefore the area is 6cm squared.

Can you find the area of these? Answers are upside down at the bottom of our blog.

The highlight of the week this week was The Great Westfield Christmas Bakeoff.  On Wednesday, Mrs Carlson, work with our class to produce a cake that was Christmas themed at all.  No, it was a Beatle themed cake!  Pop back on Monday to see pictures of us creating our cake and the finished product.  We guarantee you will be really impressed.

For now, we'll say bye, but please drop back next week.  Take care.