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Friday 16th December

Friday 16th December


Welcome back to Year 5F’s blog for this week and what a busy week we have had! This week has been Westfield’s Christmas Bake Off. The children enjoyed making our own class cake with Miss Catherall. We would like to congratulate all the classes for some truly amazing cake creations. Well done to Year 5W as their cake was judged as the winner. Their ‘Night before Christmas’ cake was amazing.


Also, a HUGE thank you to all you bakers at home for your kind donations. There were some sensational cakes brought in. The children were extremely proud of their homemade creations.


Congratulations to our class STAR BAKER who made a fantastic Santa cake.  A thoroughly deserved win...


Take a look at some photos of the amazing cakes from home as well as all the class cakes…

Luckily, one of the children from our class won one of the cakes in the raffle today in assembly. He chose our class's 'Christmas Pud' cake to take home and share with his family. It came as a huge surprise, as you can see...

All the money raised in the cake sale will be used to help pay for the children’s Christmas parties, pay for new artwork around school and buy more new reading books to add to our new reading scheme.


Maths – The children have been consolidating all their learning this week. They have been looking at word problems that include all four operations. Some of these problems contained more than one step. Take a look at these and see how you do at home…

Lewis has 201 football cards.  He trades 136 of his football cards to Thomas for a book about his favourite football team.  How many football cards does Lewis have left?


Ashleigh has 423 sweets, she gives her friend James 96 sweets, her friend Teri 101 sweets and her friend Georgia 87 sweets.  How many sweets does Ashleigh have left?


Cameron saved £20.  He wants to buy a CD for £7.36 and a purse for £6.98.  Will he have enough money left over to buy a yo-yo for £3.99 after he buys the first two items?


Jordan’s mom has enough fuel to travel 55 miles in her car.  First she goes 5 miles to the shop.  Then she goes to visit Jordan’s Nan who lives a further 10 miles away.  She then wants to pick up Jordan from school, which is a further 20 miles away.  Does she have enough petrol to get to Wigan without refueling?



There are some simple steps to follow that will help you to work out the final answer. The children follow these in class every time they answer a word problem.

READ – read the problem through carefully.

UNDERSTAND – ensure that you understand what the question is asking you to do.

CHOOSE – choose the correct operation ( + - x ÷ )

SOLVE – follow the correct procedure to solve the problem

ANSWER – arrive at an answer

CHECK – check your answer is correct by repeating the operation or applying the inverse


English – The children began the week editing their Dragon poem and then copying up the final draft ready for a class display. Take a look at some of the children’s poems…

Topic – The children have been learning about Viking runes. Runes are an ancient writing system that contain characters just as our modern alphabet does. As well as an idea, each rune represents a sound, so runes are a way to spell words. Originally, runes were usually made up of straight lines, making them easy to carve. The children had to decipher some messages that had been written in runes. Take a look at this and see if you can work it out…

The children then moved on to researching Viking gods and goddesses. Take a look at this website to find out more…

Here is our PUPIL OF THE WEEK. They won their certificate for simply being the happiest person in Year 5F. He won it for being fantastic. He is well-mannered, courteous and always shows respect both inside and outside the classroom. He is a delight to have in Year 5F! We were all thrilled when he went on to win the UPPER PHASE PUPIL OF THE WEEK (as it is now the second week on the trot someone from Year 5F was chosen). He now gets to take the trophy home with him for the week. A big well done from the Year 5 teachers and children.

All that remains to say is have a great weekend.