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Friday 16th February

Friday 16th February


Welcome to Y5F’s last blog for this half term! It has been another busy week as usual.


Maths – This week we have been investigating fractions. The children begun by looking at a fraction wall which helped them to compare the size of different fractions. Next, they have been looking at equivalent fractions. They used their fraction walls to help as well as their knowledge of their times tables.


Click on the link and let Dick and Dom explain equivalent fractions a little further…

English – This week we have continued working using our class novel, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The children have all designed their own Iron Giant (either male or female) which they will be writing about after the half term. Also, the children have been investigating homophones. Homophones are words which are spelt differently and have different meanings but sound the same. For example…


          hear and here       break and brake        check and cheque


Topic – This week the children have learned how the Earth is divided into smaller parts using lines of latitude (horizontal lines) and longitude (vertical lines). The main lines of latitude are The Tropic of Cancer, The Tropic of Capricorn and The Equator. The main line of longitude is The Meridian Line. This line sets the time which the rest of the world follows. It runs through Greenwich in London which is where Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) comes from. They then went on to learn how the Earth is split up into different time zones and how to work out the time in other parts of the world by adding or taking away the difference from GMT.


Take a look at this website which helps to explain time zones. As you scroll down there is a video clip to watch as well as information and a quiz…

Science – The children have been investigating how the moon appears to change shape in the night sky. These are known as the phases of the moon. Listen to this fabulous rap which will help you to learn the phases of the moon…

Our CERTIFICATE WINNER this week won for her stunning work ethic. She gives 100% in every lesson which means she makes outstanding progress – especially in Maths. She went on to be chosen as PUPIL OF THE WEEK and will take the trophy home over the half term. nonono

We would like to wish you all a fantastic half term and we will see you again on Monday 26th February.