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Friday 16th June 2017


Well done to Elena, who won our certificate this week for persevering in her maths work and nailing it!!! All the children have completed their phonics screening check this week - well done.



In English we have been reading the book 'Meerkat Mail'. In the story a meerkat called Sunny visits lots of different places but realises that ther is no place like home.  We have been retelling the story.



In maths, we have also been learning the place value of numbers. We have ordered numbers, learnt about tens and ones and found one more and one less than given numbers.



We are starting a new topic this term. Our topic is Seaside past and present.  We have been learning about the seaside in the past and sorting pictures into past and present.



In science we have been investigating the best material to make a sun parasol to block the sun.  We made it a fair test and tested fabrics by shining a torch through them.]


Enjoy the weekend

Miss Lodge, Mrs Duckworth and Miss Shufflebotham