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Friday 16th June 2017

Well hello, and welcome back to our Year 4 blog.  This week we thought we would try out a focus.  So, this week we will share some of the work we have been doing in our Science topic on Sound.

Here's a little challenge for you.  (You might like to get a pencil and paper for this.)  Listen to the sound playback below.  How many sounds do you recognise?   There's lots we're sure that you will get staright away.  However, there are a few that will really have you guessing.

videos for children.the sounds of the house.mp3

How did you do?  Do you think you got many?  Okay, now to check your answers.  Watch the video below to check whether you were right.  Give youself a tick for each correct one, and a huge pat on the back if you get them all.

videos for children.the sounds of the house.mp4

Still image for this video
Take a look at this video from the BBC that explains how sound is made.  It's amazing how sounds can be produced by something as simple as vibrations.  The video shows some things that prove this.   Take a look.
Amazing right?  Now, just for fun, why not help Sarah Jane on one of her adventures.  Click the link below to help her defeat the deadly Rakweed.
See you next time, bye for now.