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Friday 16th June

Friday 16th June


Welcome to this week’s blog from Year 5F. It has been another busy week!


Maths – This week the children have continued investigating different units of measurement. They have been looking at the relationship between millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm), metres (m) and kilometres(km). Also, they have been looking at the relationship between litres (l) and millilitres (ml) and between grams (g) and kilograms (kg). Did you know that the prefix kilo means one thousand whereas the prefix milli means one thousandth and the prefix cent means one hundred? This helps the children to remember that there are a thousand units of measurement if they contain either prefix. The children have been using all this information to help work out the answers to word problems.


For example…


A football coach brought 24 litres of water to the football game, and divided the water equally between 8 bottles. How many millilitres of water did the coach put in each bottle?

Remember…1 litre =1000 = 1000 millilitres


Take a quick look at this BBC website which asks you to build a shed whilst practising converting between different units of measurement…

Later in the week, the children went on to investigate imperial measures such as fluid ounces, pints and gallons; ounces, pounds and tons; inches, feet yards and miles. They then began to convert between imperial units of measurement and metric units of



English – This week the children have continued exploring nature documentaries and how the voiceover enhances the actual film footage. They have used their research to write a report all about an animal of their choosing. Their writing has been just amazing.

Topic – The children have been learning all about the continent of North America. Do you know how many countries make up the continent? Well, there are 23. Three of them make up the mainland, Canada, the United States of America and Mexico. There are seven countries that are along Central America and then the thirteen remaining countries are all islands in the Caribbean Sea. The children have located them using an atlas and then marked where they are on a map.


Science – The children have been learning about materials and their properties. They have also been learning about solvents, solutes and solutions. A solvent is a liquid; a solute is a solid that will dissolve and a solution is a liquid with a solid dissolved within it. The children went on to plan and carry out an experiment to find out which sugar would dissolve quickest in water. All the children made a prediction before beginning. They were given brown sugar, icing sugar, a sugar cube and caster sugar for the experiment. Also, they had plastic cups, plastic spoons and water at room temperature. They had to plan how to carry out the experiment as a small group and record their answers. Finally, they checked their results against their predictions.


Here is our CERTIFICATE WINNER for this week. She won for working so hard on her spellings and achieving more of her spelling badges. What a superstar speller!

Today the children had a special assembly presented to them by the local police. They came into school to warn them about the importance of never swimming in unsupervised water. They talked about the dangers of cold water shock and what happens to your body. They then went on to inform the children of the type of germs (that can cause some very nasty infections and diseases) that will be floating about in streams, rivers, canals and quarries and how they will swallow them if they become submerged. The children were given advice on how to stay safe and what to do if they should fall in. They also watched a short film about Dylan Ramsey, a 15-year-old boy, who fell into water and sadly drowned. His mum now talks to school to help raise water safety amongst children to prevent another tragedy.


Please take the time to look at this website from the R. N. L. I. which tells you what to do if you fall into water unexpectedly…

All that remains to say is have a fabulous weekend and we will see you again on Monday.