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Friday 16th June



This weeks star pupil won their award for writing an outstanding letter of complaint to the council about their troublesome new neighbours.


The number of superstar readers is increasing each week, which is a delight to see. Keep up the hard work.



This week we have been focussing on shape. On Monday we had to draw shapes as Mr Fletcher gave us instructions using words such as: vertical, horizontal, perpendicular, parallel. Then we created 3D shapes using 2D faces, following that we had to describe the properties of these 3D shapes. Then we showed Mr Fletcher what we have learnt this week!



We started the week by punctuating speech, following that, we wrote a conversation between Jim Lad and Matilda. Then we planned and wrote a letter of complaint to Dull-On-Sea council, complaining about our new neighbours.



Animals- We thought about the different animals and what they eat. Then we had to sort a group of animals into three groups. Herbivores, Omnivores and Carnivores.



We continued looking at the UK Coastline. This week we looked at reasons to visit the coast. We did this by looking at different UK Coastline Attractions. We have some very well travelled and cultured children in Y3W who had visited a few of these attractions.



We used a computer programme called Purple Mash to look at the sort tool when using databases. We also considered the different fields used.



This week we thought about what heaven would look, smell, feel, taste and sound like. 



This weeks P.E lesson focused on Athletics and predominantly throwing. We had to throw a javelin and a baseball as far as we could.


That's all for this week, make sure you call back next week to find out what we did on our exciting school trip!