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Friday 16th March

Hello and welcome back to 5W’s blog.


In maths we looked at ordering fractions. Firstly, we looked at sequencing hundredths. Following this we did some work on finding the Lowest Common Multiple. This is the lowest quantity that is a multiple of two or more given quantities e.g.( 12 is the LCM of 2,3 and 4). On Thursday we had some fun with some riddle sheets. We had to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and visa versa to find answers that gave letter clues to solve a riddle. We even had to shown fractions in their lowest form.


Having written part one and two of our own Iron Man story, it was time to write the third part; where the robot is broken into pieces and what happened next. Miss Power encouraged us to use time connectives and ellipsis to add some tension. As well as this we did some ‘SPAG’ work. That stands for Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar.

Tuesday was all about comprehension. We were given an extract from the Iron Man story and a list of questions.

We also did some work on suffixes; ‘ate’, ‘ise’ and ‘ify’. We looked at words and added the suffixes to create new words and worked out if there were any rules we could follow.

For example; pure = purify (drop the ‘e’ before adding the ending)

material = materialise ( just add the ending)

glory = glorify (drop the ‘y’ before adding the ending)

decore = decorate (drop the ‘e’)


In topic, our job was to find which mountain ranges were in which continents across the world.

Pupil of the week is Letitia for a stunning piece of independent writing all about her Iron Giant character. Her choice of punctuation and vocabulary was out of this world!


Happy Birthday Harry; hope you have a super time at the Chill Factor!


Oh, and Well Done to Duncan for gaining his Gold Multiplication Band. On top of that, an extra large pat on the back for Ruby for working hard and after several attempts gaining her Platinum Band. The first child in year 5 to do so!



Hope you have a happy St Patrick’s Day weekend.