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Friday 16th March 2018

Welcome back to the Year 4 blog.

In Maths we have been learning to find fractions of amounts.  With a little practice we found these really easy to do.  So say you wanted to find 3/4 of 12, what you would need to do is first divide 12 by 4.  4 is the denominator -or the divisor.  This would give you 3.  Then you multiply your answer by the top number (the numerator or multiplier) to give you 3 x 3 =9.  So, 3/4 of 12 is 9.  Why not see how good you are at working these out?  Try this interactive game here.



Last week, we started to use MinecraftEdu.  This is a special Minecraft designed for schools.  This week we really got going with our creations.  Our brief was to work as teams building houses, which ties into Our House topic.  Take a look at our work so far.

Please find information on the Strike Action under Parents > School Letters > Whole school letters > 2023. Thank you