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Friday 16th November 2018

An exciting week here in Year 4.  The focus in school this week has been `Primary Futures'.

On Tuesday, we had an assembly with some visitors to our school.  We played a little game.  We were allowed to ask 2 of the visitors questions that they were only allowed to answer with `yes' or `no'.  We asked questions such as `do you wear a uniform?', `did you go to university?', `do you work as part of a team?'.  

The two visitors went out to get changed into their work clothes.  The other visitors then told us about their jobs.  It was amazing -there was an electrical engineer, an accountant, and data analyst.  There were others too.

We didn't manage to guess what the professions were -there was a male nurse, and a dancer.  Take a look.

Check out the dancer's entrance on our Twitter feed -orhere

When we got back to class, we thought about the careers that we would like when we are older.  There was a huge range.  Some children want to be dentists, vets, doctors and even teachers.  We researched the qualifications that we would need to become this.  Then we wrote a short report on our aspirations. Take a look at some of work.