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Friday 16th October

Friday 16th October


Welcome to 5W's blog of the week! 


Well what an exciting week we have had! On Wednesday we went on our trip to Martin Mere, which we have been waiting for for some time now. It is safe to say that the children had a fantastic day out! We couldn't have asked for a better day, the weather was beautiful and we managed to get up close and personal with lots of birds and animals. We saw lots of different habitats and a variety of plants. 

When we got there, 5W had a go at pond-dipping, they used nets and a tray to see what pond life creatures and plants they could find and fish out. We even got a lesson in what we found afterwards! After this activity we went on a lovely walk around the park and made sure were careful not to trod on any webbed feet. The children took bird feed so they were able to get close to the birds and actually feed them! We had a fantastic day out! Please enjoy looking through the photos of the day. 



This week we have been multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and even 1000! Our brains have worked so hard. We understand how its not about adding 0's but its about mastering the understanding that all the digits move. We even looked at multiplying and diving decimals too! 



This week in English we have done lots of work! We started our week on comprehensions, making sure that we always answer the questions in full sentences and use the question to help form our answers. We then looked at the life cycle of a dragonfly and wrote a lovely description about how a dragonfly transforms during its life cycle. Towards the end of the week (after our trip) we planned for a recount. A recount is where you tell the reader something that has happened, so the children planned a recount about their fabulous trip top Martin Mere. Today we have written up our recounts, the children wrote some beautiful recounts, using paragraphs, connectives, adjectives and even adverbs! 



The children went out to the ALPS this week to film their documentary! We will edit them next week and start putting them together. We have also used some of our pictures that we took at Martin Mere to do some artwork, the children have sketched some animals or a landscape, which we are going to paint with watercolours at the start of next week. 



In science we have continued to look at the lifecycles of animals. We studied the lifecycle of a frog and a dragonfly-which completely change into a different animal during their lives. We also looked at a birds life cycle which is different to to frogs or dragonflies as they do not change into another animal. We created some life cycle wheels which are up on display in 5W's classroom! 


ALL of 5W were certificate winners this week. This is because they all behaved so well and had lovely manners on our trip on Wednesday. Every single one of them was a credit to Westfield and they should be so pleased with themselves. Well done, super star class! 


I hope everybody has a fab weekend and I will see you bright and early for our final week of this half term Monday morning!