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Friday 16th September 2016

Hello, and welcome back to Year 4F blog.

Well, what a busy, busy week we have had.  In Maths, we have been working on more concepts in Place Value.  We have been looking a rounding.  Mr Price told us a story about a man who tried to swim the English Channel.


Mr P made this to help explain.


rounding II.mp4

Still image for this video
In English, we've been really busy too.  We have been researching Roald Dahl who would have had his 100th birthday this week.  We have learnt how to take note, we have learnt about the features of biographies and we have started to write our opening paragraph and proof-read it! WOW...we hear you say.  Yes, we know, we're good!  Did you know that Roald went to boarding school close to Cadbury's Chocolate Factory.  The boys there used to get parcels of chocolate to taste test.  We are quite close to Heinz...what do you think?  Roald Dahl also served as a pilot in the RAF during WWII.  He really had an exciting life.

Our topic work this week saw us making a timeline.  Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians were around 5000 years ago?  That's a long time right?  Mr Price said he remembered it well!sad  We then looked at what it was like in Ancient Egypt.  Did you know that their houses had a toilet -a bowl with a seat over, they had an oven to bake bread, and a fridge -a hole in the floor to keep things cool?  Amazing!


Drop in next week to see how we're getting along.  Bye for

In Science, we have looked some more at States of Matter.  We watched an animation that explained the properties of solids, liquids and gases.  Then we presented some pictures which explanations of what made a solid a solid, a liquid a liquid, and a gas a gas.  Later in the week, we sorted some of these into groups.