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Friday 17th February 2017

Well here we are having just completed the first half of the spring term. But as Mr Price has said, 'before we know it, it'll be Christmas again!' He swiftly followed this up with '...but don't panic.'



In English this week, we were given a daily 10 Minute Writing Challenge. Each day we were shown a different picture to write a description about. We spent time thinking about it, talking about it and then collecting vocabulary we could include in our writing to describe it. Had we collected a balance of adjectives, adverbials, nouns and verbs? Added to this were examples of prepositions and conjunctions we could use too. Phew! A lot is expected of us in Year 4 isn't it? 

Our aim for each of our daily writing tasks was to write an interesting description. Easy? Hmmm... did we mention we only had 10 minutes to write it??

Take a look at the examples below to see if we succeeded...


A beautiful city is being closely observed by a fierce dragon. Beside the angry dragon lies a cross as tall as Big Ben. Under the beautiful blue sky stands, all the amazing, old houses and buildings. This amazing, large city has thousands of people living and working here. This scary dragon is stuck to a stone wall which is patterned beautifully.
By M.D


Signs  are on statues .   stretching , his body is a fierce Dragon. Buildings are dusty. Dragon is a trying to escape      the big smooth building. Speeding as flash is a subway train. Roaring above is a creepy and tricky Dragon. Soaring  through a building is a cursed Dragon. Isolated as can be is a sad poor Dragon. all  alone trees blow.




Looking over the vast city, the dull gogue observes and sees everything that China does. The statue is a dull as a rock. The tall tower wobbles beside the large church. Near the signs, the doors open to the happy city. The zooming train speeds across the rail way. Whilst the river are swaying , the lovely greenland  and gets hit by the strong wind. When everyone’s at school ,the frozen dragon is bored  and tries to break free from the stone but he does. When the door creaks open, the school children slowly walks in. (On the train line, the adults carefully pass to get to the otherside.)

By R.C




Quietly, people walk, amongst this divine tower with a hard, solid gargoyle attached to the edge. This village is so beautiful and peaceful but as dull as an elephant! Clear, sunny skies fill the city with tender and love, nobody is bothered if it is dull. Hardly, anyone notices the gargoyle because everybody has too much fun to bother about this. Happily, children run into bushes and on the park so nobody notices the gargoyle at all, and they never will!

By L.P




As you will know if you've read our blog each week, we have been doing circuit training in PE in a bid to improve our stamina and fitness levels.  To measure this we did a bleep test in our first PE lesson after Christmas. It was tough. Maybe we'd eaten one too many selection boxes! 

Since then, we have been doing lots of different exercise activities in our PE lessons each Wednesday.  This week's PE lesson saw us redoing the bleep test to see if we could last for longer and improve on the levels we achieved in the first week. The photos below were taken mid-way through the test. And the results??

Well amazingly, nearly all of us had improved our fitness and endurance levels with a small number of children managing to keep going up to level 20!!

Wow! Well done 4W.


We have also added a few photos to show what we have been doing in Computing this half term.  We have been using a programme called Logo to develop our ability to follow and create algorithms (instructions).  We were set a challenge last week (as our assessment) to draw a village using the skills we had learned.  We really had to think about the commands that we gave the programme to create the pictures we wanted.  These are some of our results below.


Well done to 4W this week for getting the highest attendance (98%) you all looked wonderful in your own clothes today. Guess what we have had everyone in every day this week - 100% -  so that means we can look wonderful again very soon!


Finally, our class certificate this week went to Chloe for her determination to improve her handwriting and presentation of her work consistently.


That's it for this half term. Catch up with us again after the holiday to see what the next half term has in store. 

Bye for now.