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Friday 17th February 2017

Wow! We've soon got here.  Here...half term, that is.  Christmas will soon be upon us...only joking -there's still 311 days to go, so don't panic.


So what have we been up to this week?  Well in English we have done a 10 Minute Writing Challenge each day.  Which doesn't seem a lot in an hour session.  However, it is!  We were shown a picture that we were asked to write for ten minutes about.   Then, we looked again at our writing -what of the Year 4 English curriculum had we shown?  Did we use fronted adverbials?  Had we used the correct verb tenses?  Had we included inverted commas for speech?  We then looked again at the picture this time we talked about what sentence types we might use, what interesting vocabulary would make our writing even better. We then wrote again on the same picture for 10 minutes.  Whoa! What an amazing week of writing.  Take a look at the pictures below, and some examples of our writing.  We're sure you'll agree they are excellent.

The eerie silence surrounded the house like a cloak. The holes in the roof revealed the skeleton. The unattended door still invating people in. The windows stared over the muddy over-grown meadows like evil eyes of a snake.



They clung onto each other as the dark, salty sea tried to grab them. As they stood, the young girl sniffed the salt in the air. As the Uncle reached his umbrella it floated off trying to pull the weight, also trying to grab the air just like the sea trying to grab the young girl. The purple, dark clouds hung over them like lightning striking. The eerie sound of wind was more distracting than the waves.
Above their heads, the ominous clouds gazed over their heads. As the sea grew bigger and bigger, the salty sea started rising like a hurricane, going into a busy town. The wind blew like a tornado swirling down from space. The waves swirled and twisted into the rocks.



As I  walked beneath a  halo of a street lamp, I turned my collar to the cold and damp.  As I walked, I shouted to the boy but my words dropped like a silent rain drop.
I carried my big black suitcase, on the way to the train a spectral figure jumped out at me.




The gargoyle is still alive. It is on top of the church looking over the green, blue and white land . It’s going to hunt down as he is looking for his yummy food. I would watch out if I was you. Remember, he is looking for food and that’s you!


As I ran to the crossroad, there were three ways. I didn't know which one to choose. This way ? That way? Or the other way ?  This way led to our school. I had ten spare minutes anyway. That way led me to the church  were the stone, cold-hearted gargoyles lay. But the other way led me to my memories of  my granddad at the beach.



If you've been dropping in each week you will know that we have been doing circuit training in PE.  Our first week back after Christmas we did a bleep test.  Then, each week since we have been doing lots of different exercise activities.   We have some photos of the bleep test that we did again this week below.  Below that, check out our scores -lots of us improved our scores, but all of us deserve a huge round of applause.

Once again, you'll be aware if you've dropped in of our Computing topic.  We have been using a programme called Logo.  Our teachers set us a challenge last week (as our assessment) to draw a village.  We really had to think about the instructions that we gave the programme to create the pictures.  Take a look at the results below.

Have a well deserved rest, and we'll see you after half term.  Bye for now.