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Friday 17th June

Friday 17th June 2016


Welcome back to Year 5F’s blog for this week.


Maths – This week the children have been learning about metric and imperial measurements. They have investigated the differences and similarities between them. Also, they have been exploring how to convert imperial to metric and back again. Did you know that one pound is about 450g? Or that one ounce is approximately 30g?


Corey says,


“I now know that there are twelve inches in one foot and that one foot is the same as 30cm.”


Take a look at this online game and test your measurement skills…


English – This week the children have been reading and watching battle cries. They looked at some texts and annotated the interesting vocabulary and phrases they had found. They watched the famous battle cry scene from Braveheart when William Wallace rouses his army into fighting against the English.  As well, they watched a clip Of Russell Crowe in Gladiator when he talks to his Roman army before entering into battle. They have explored these as texts and searched for rhetorical questions.


Jazmin says, “A rhetorical question is a question that doesn’t need an answer.”


For example….


Do you think I’m made of money?


French – This week the children have been looking at all the flags belonging to the countries in EURO 16. They AMAZED us all with how many they knew. Take a look at them for yourself and see how many you can name. The answers are at the bottom of our blog…but no cheating! cheekycheekycheeky


Topic – The children have painted the base coat onto their Greek pots. They have mostly chosen light metallic colours like gold, copper and bronze in keeping with Greek pottery from that time. Next week they will be adding their designs. We can’t wait to see them once they’re finished as the children have taken great pride in their work.


Our certificate this week was awarded to Alicia for being a truly delightful and helpful pupil, who makes the classroom a brighter place. smileysmileysmiley

All that remains to say we hope you have a weekend and we look forward to seeing you again on Monday.



Albania, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic, England

France, Belgium, Hungary, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Italy

Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia

Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Wales