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Friday 17th June

Welcome back to 5W's blog of the week.



This week in maths the children have been looking at metric and imperial measurements. The investigated what was similar and different about these two ways of measuring. They explored how to convert from metric to imperial and vice versa. Towards the end of the week the children looked at inverse operations for addition and subtraction. The children had lots of fun working with algorithms. This is where they had to add or subtract a number to complete the triangle. 



This week has been all about Battle Cries, the children have been reading and watching battle cries. To start the week, the children looked at some texts and annotated the interesting vocabulary and phrases that they could see in the different texts. Then, we watched the famous battle cry scene from Braveheart and from Gladiator. The children compared these two speeches, looking at the different features used in order to persuade. The children annotated these texts finding key features and explaining which speech they preffered and why. 



The children have continued with their Greek Pots. They have painted them in either bronze, gold or copper and have started to draw their own designs onto them ready to be painted next week. The children will have their finished product by the end of next week and you will have some very wonderful Greek pots in your homes. 

We have introduced our new topic for this half 'New England'. The children were told how the Pilgrims ended up moving over to North America and starting a new life for themselves. The children ordered the events and wrote an explanation of the story.


Our certificate winner this week was Ellis, for his fantastic attitude in school this week, he has really been showing what a fantastic year 6 pupil he will be. Furthermore, Ellis climbed Snowdon last weekend with his family and friend to raise money for Cancer Research. Very proud of you Ellis, you did a wonderful thing!


All that is left to say is have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday!