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Friday 17th June

Welcome back!

This week has flown by.

This weeks star pupil is Anmol for his very persuasive letter about Haigh Hall!

Well done to all our star readers the numbers of daily readers are improving, so keep up the hard work.




This week has been a very busy week, we have been identifying right angles in shapes at the start of the week, we then moved on to identify acute, right AND obtuse angles! After that we looked at the 3,4 and 8 times tables with their inverse (division). This helped us on Thursday when we had to use the grid method to multiply two digit numbers by a one digit number. On Friday we looked at the difference between horizontal and vertical lines, as well as the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines.



This week we have been looking at prefixes. We focused on the prefix's un-, mis- and dis-. We had to match root words to their prefix. Following that we put these words into sentences. After that we changed adjectives to adverbs using the suffix ly. We then expanded boring sentences by adding adjectives and adverbs. Mr Fletcher was very impressed.



We started our new topic by looking at the different skeletons that animals have. We categorised different animals into three categories. Endoskeleton, exoskeleton and hydrostatic skeleton.

Endoskeleton- Have their skeletons on the inside ( humans).

Exoskeleton- Have their skeletons on the outside ( lobster).

Hydrostatic skeleton- Don't have any bones (jellyfish).



We decided that we weren't happy with the developments at Haigh Hall, so we thought about the reasons for turning Haigh Hall into a hotel to try and get our heads around it. We then weren't convinced so thought of reasons against Haigh Hall turning into a hotel. One person came up with a great idea that we should write a letter to Wigan Council persuading them not to turn Haigh Hall into a hotel, so that is what we did. The letters written were very passionate and persuasive. If it was up to Mr Fletcher the work men would have already been sent home by now!