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Friday 17th March 2017

Hello and welcome back to Year 4 blog...Well, what have been up to this week you ask?  Well, first off it's been another amazing week.

In English, we have been having a real push on using speech marks.  You'll be pleased to know there has been huge success throughout our class.  Take a look at this cartoon strip that our teachers prepared for us.  Our task was to rewrite this using `inverted commas' (or speech marks) and all the correct punctuation.  This cartoon explains the rules.

So the cartoon would look like this if it was written as speech.


"Using speech marks is really quite easy," Samantha said.

"Let us tell you the rules," Tom added.

"Start your speech with speech marks," Sam said confidently.

"Close your speech marks at the end of what is said," Tom explained.

"Remember though, that the punctuation goes inside the speech marks too," said Sam.

"Yes, that could be a comma, exclamation mark or question mark...for example," Tom suggested.


You can see that what the children tell us are the rules, are what we have followed for writing.  

Later in the week, we wrote an interview with the boy from Sector 7.  We imagined meeting him and asking him questions.  Take a look at some of our work.

In PSHE we have been looking again at beauty and how what is thought of as being beautiful changes depending on where in the world you might live.  That the idea of what is beautiful changes from culture to culture.  We were really mature when we considered each of these images.  We found it really interesting that some of these ideas are not that different to some of the ideas we have in Britain.