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Friday 17th March

Hello everyone here are the highlights from the week. 


In English we have started looking at non fiction writing. The children knew that this is information and not story writing. We had decided to write about Westfield (as the children know a lot about Westfield). The children learned that the report we created was called a non-chronological report however found some aspects a little tricky as they wanted to say my school, our school, we have. We had to discuss how in the report we do not write using those words. 


In maths some of the money have been exploring money. It is surprising how quickly some children can count given amounts- those children must practise a lot at home!!

Some other children have been working on fractions. They have been finding 1/2 and 1/4 of shapes and amounts of numbers. They used counters to help share the counters. 


In topic we have continued to look at the art work of Theodore Major. The children really enjoyed sketching another piece of his work. We then introduced the medium of charcoal. The chidlren were very unsure of what to do with the charcoal- therefore the children have spent some time exploring the charcoal beofre trying to use it to create our final art work. 

Take a look at our photographs. 

Our art work- exploring charcoal

Thank you to all the parents/carers who returned a parent's evening slip. The times have now been arranged and will be sent home. 


We hope you all have a great weekend love Year 2.