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Friday 17th May

Welcome to Year 5F’s blog. This week Year 6 have been doing their SATS: we have been as quiet as possible, so they could concentrate their best.


Maths – This week the children have been working on their reasoning skills, using word problems. This involves reading a word problem, understanding what maths is involved in order to work it out and then implementing a strategy to solve it.


This website allows you to solve some word problems involving money...

English – This week the children have been working on how to use commas in a sentence. They have looked at using commas for a relative cause. For example,


The dog, which had a friendly face, loved to play Fetch.

Henry VIII, who had six wives, was a very powerful man.

Wigan, where the mighty Warriors come from, is famous for its love of pies!


They also investigated main and subordinate clauses which are separated with a comma. For example…


During the week, we all kept quiet as Year 6 had their SATS.


Wearing her big hat, the woman was all ready for the wedding.


Taking his final step, the climber reached the summit of Mount Everest.



Finally, the children have been thinking about their HOT TASK (writing their own Greek myth) which they will undertake next week.


Science – The children carried out the investigation they had planned last week about water resistance. They predicted the cone shape would be the quickest to travel through the water and were pleased that their results backed this up. After that, they learned about friction. Using what they had discovered, the children interpreted the results of an investigation about friction. A toy car was allowed to travel down a ramp with different surfaces. They discovered the smoother the surface the less friction there would be and the slower the car would stop. Also, the rougher the surface the more friction there would be, so the quicker the car would stop.


Topic – The children investigated vents during the time of the ancient Greeks and then placed them in chronological order on a timeline.


Here are our certificate winners for this week – all of Year 5F. They won for their hard work this week. They conducted themselves beautifully, so not to disturb Year 6 during SATS week.



Year 5 will have their SPORTS DAY next Thursday 23rd May. You are welcome to come along to support and encourage your child and watch all the activities.


All that remains is to wish you a great weekend, let’s hope it stays warm and sunny, and we will see you again on Monday.