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Friday 17th May

Hello and welcome back to the Yr 5W blog; a week that has been a little different as Year 6 underwent their SATS. They can all take a sigh of relief now that they’re done. May we say a big well done for your efforts and we wish you every success.



This week, as in Years 2 and 6, was used for assessment. We completed a few papers in order to see if we have grasped various concepts.                        

Try our interactive Countdown Game and test your mathematical skills.


In English we carried on writing our imitation myth, mirroring the Theseus and the Minotaur story but with slight changes.

We also did SPAG activities which as you know; stand for spelling, punctuation and grammar. This included work on main and subordinate clauses. Here’s an example:

Alana, who had lovely shiny hair, was never late for school.

In this sentence ‘Alana was never late for school’ is the main clause as it makes sense on its own. ‘Who had lovely shiny hair’ is the subordinate clause as it gives extra detail to the main clause and doesn’t make sense on its own.



In science we are still concentrating on forces.

Friction is a force between two surfaces that are sliding or trying to slide across each other. Friction always slows a moving object down as it works in the direction opposite from the direction the object is moving or trying to move.



We studied what it was like to live as an Ancient Greek. What their houses were like and how they lived, the food they ate, the clothes they wore and the jobs they had.

Pupil of the week… is Kayden for a positive change of attitude towards writing. Up-levelling his work and taking pride in producing creative, detailed, independent work.


Only one more week till our half term holidays, (how time flies when you’re having fun).

We break up on Friday 24th May and return on Tuesday 4th June.

Have a great weekend!


Did you Know the month of May is named after the Greek Goddess Maia, who was the mother of Hermes.?